Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fci training with Nancy Hudson

Today I went to a Fci training afternoon with Meme, Nancy put up two very good courses that tested our partnership, on this video my handling error gave us 5 faults at number (8), but really pleased how my little girlie ran.

The video is of course two, see plan right to best of my knowledge.

Sorry about the quality, poor Grace got the job to video, Kiah was not impressed it was not her go.

Below is course 1, this is the course that after we all run it was broken down into sections, we trained areas of the course. Firstly we worked on shaping our dogs over 3 to give our dogs a more natural curved line also taking there line away from tunnel (12) this gave a good line then for the tunnel (5) under the A frame, we trusted our shaping over 4 and started queuing the tunnel command without going to all the way to the entrance, if you did go to the tunnel it left you know where to help your dog over 6. Then we aimed at training layering the tunnel (12) for the weaves off the A frame, this gave you an advantage to work a lovely turn off the see saw and onto 11, several ways were used 13-14, I chose to go in the middle and call her to me which worked lovely, I also pushed her around the back of the left wing of 13 then pushed in 14 then called through the middle with me turning so she came in on my left to pick up 15.

I really enjoyed the day, came away with lots, can't wait till the next one. Thank you Nancy.

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