Monday, 28 September 2009

Cruz jumping video

Thank you Alan Score for the video of our run in the 4-7 combined jumping, he was a good boy, the course had a lot of angles on the jumps, the weaves were to the corner of the ring, I ran wide to help with the angle back across the course, I was really pleased he stayed in the weaves. The run was clear but the video does show up my late handling cues, :-( (Sorry Cruz)

Wilf wins into Grade 6

In his first season of competing he has gone from grade 3 to grade 6, all before his 3rd birthday (5th December). Xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Wish has her first bath.

After three weeks of being a lady and a flirt, it was time to bath her and bring normality in to the Jordan household. I have really missed her a the last few shows, kind hubby looked after the girls, something so small and loud can sure leave a gap!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Happy 2nd birthday

to all the Grizwold pups.

Stour Valley show

I left home early on Saturday with just a little overnight bag to take to Caroline's house.
The venue is brilliant, great exercise area, only six rings all of which you can see from day parking.
Saturday results:
Inca clear round grade 6 jumping
Cruz 6th in G4 jumping

Meme 1st grade 3 jumping, 2nd 1-4 ABC Helter-skelter

Saturday night I stayed at Carolines house, Caroline cooked a fantastic roast fillet of pork, yorkie pud filled with gravy, roast potatoes in goose fat and roasted vegetables marinated in sweet chili sauce and coriander, followed by home made bread and butter pudding. MMMmmm MMMMmmm, all washed down with a glass of Baileys on the rocks........... 5*****
think you would be a good for come dine with me, I'll give you 10.

Sunday I was sent the alarm clock into my bedroom, who answers to the name of puzzle, jumps on your head and washes your face all over :-) (think I will set my phone alarm next time)
I had a quick shower then got dressed, sorted the dogs breakfast out and put them in the van, then sat down to grilled open mushroom on toast with a cup of tea, more yummy food.
Thank you Caroline
We set off to the show, today we did have a little rain in the morning but brightened up later.
Sunday results:
Inca 1st 5-7 com ABC agility
Kane 4th 5-7 com ABC agility
Meme 2nd 1-4 com ABC agility
Cruz 11th 1-4 com ABC agility
Meme 7th grade 3 agility
Thank you Burns pet nutrition
Well done Caroline King and Shadow 2nd in grade 5 agility, another near miss into grade 6 lol!

Quest wins into grade 4

Mega congratulations to Sian Harvey and Quest for 1st in grade 3 agility taking them into grade 4. Xx

Sunday, 13 September 2009

My weekend at Burnham show.

It was the worst journey to a show in a long time, it took me one and half hours just to get the other side of the Dartford tunnel, this normally only takes me 30 minutes :-(
Apparently one side had been closed which caused the traffic jam then when they opened both sides it was very slow to get moving.
I arrived at the show and starting setting up our pitch as Caroline and Jill drove in, what perfect timing.
Once we finished we walked the dogs in the exercise field, I was a little worried as the cows were going in from the field right next door, but all the dogs were very good.
Onto the Saturday, (Sympathy needed) I have a terrible head cold at the mo, and after a bad nights sleep or lack of..... because of not being able to breath very well and being hot one minute and cold the next, with a sore throat thrown in,.......(felling sorry for myself).. I felt I did let my poor dogs down.
"sadly Caroline, Peppermint oil does not work like Eucalyptus oil", but I guess it's the thought that counts........LOL!!!!!
Let me explain: in the tent we have a cleaning spray that Caroline assured me is Eucalyptus and would help with my stuffy nose, so bless Jill got out of her bed in the dark and sprayed a tissue with the product, well many sniffs later it was still not working.
In the morning after breakfast the spray came out again to wipe the table over, guess what it was peppermint oil!!!!!
Onto our results:
Inca got 4th in the ABC agility, Cruz one out the placings in 4-7 com agility.
Sunday: Still feeling pretty c**p, but my dogs really helped me out and did a lot on their own, thanks to Lin's training.
Results: ABC 1-7 jumping..... Kane 1st Inca 2nd in the same class

Cruz 8th in ABC 1-7 jumping,
Kane 7th 4-7 com agility
Cruz c/r 4-7 com agility and c/r 4-7 com jumping
sadly with little Meme my timing was out in every run we did together this weekend, I think its the extra gear she has gone up, she ran brilliant and did every think I asked.
Well done Caroline and Jill winning the com 1-7 box pairs.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Meme wins into Grade 4

Little Meme is a star, she has won into grade 4 by winning grade 3 agility at Letchworth

show, I'm so proud of her. She had another 2nd the next day, her first grade 4 will be Norfolk.

Congrats to Grace Leach and Kiah for winning out of grade 4 at the same show, also won the combined 3-5 agility on the Sunday.