Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Well done Ian

Another place wahooo :-)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter @ WBSDs

Caroline and I set off on Thursday, We arrived after lunch and set up our camping area with a nice size garden for the dogs. Helped set up the rings and then put out Caroline's course for the Friday.

FRIDAY: It was really strange to not start till the afternoon, we got up in the morning fed the dogs, had showers, breakfast and then walked the dogs, put the numbers on her course went to a lovely sit down buffet lunch for the judge, ring manger (me) and scrime sue. Walked the dogs again just before the show was up and running, downside of starting late was to get through

285 dogs over 3 course changes and 7 height changes, with walking allowed between. :-(

A few dogs holding up the ring choosing to use it as their toilet ahhhhh!!! also as it was so hot instead of starting to get ready for the line while the dog in front is on the course, they waited, walked into the ring, take off their sun glasses, dogs cooler coat, lead, all while the poor judge is standing waiting? bring in a whistle with a time ltd hehe...We were all very tired that night.

My little dogs did me proud Meme 4th in agility and 3rd in jumping, Cruz 4th in jumping.

Saturday: I was seeing in Car's for the day parking. Well done to most who stuck to 5mph. Come on you offenders 5 mph is for safety reasons, can't believe a caravan was faster than poor Michelle on her bike who was having a job to keep up with him, (he clearly did not see her) she told him to slow down and that she had a job to catch him, get this... his answer to her was your on a bike??????? 5MPH is WALKING SPEED!!!!!!! moan over....

Another really hot day, now up to 6 rings. Had a few courses to walk. Meme came 4th in agility and clear round in jumping, Cruz 1st in the ABC 1-4 com jumping wahoo he set off like a rocket it was a very fast flowing course just what he needed, Meme was faster over the same course but had a pole down as you can see in the picture. Thank you Alan Score for the brilliant pictures

Onto Sunday:

Another tiring early start, first up to run was a very tricky 4-5 jumping course, I really enjoyed the challenge of it, was really pleased as Meme came 1st she worked stunning. Cruz our bungee broke and I lost him out of the tunnel over an off course jump but really pleased with his gear shift up.

I also had our ABC Q, sadly I did not go clear but was really chuffed how all three worked, Kane I lost over a jump after getting all his contacts! Meme and Cruz have showed me more training is needed on a weave entry. The last class of the day was G 4 agility I walked the course then went and worked on score boarding on another ring, Cruz was up to run he did it really well as you know I struggle with him sometimes with a dog walk, think its really helping as again at this show was rubber contacts, he zoomed over with no hesitation into 5th place, they are now calling to the end of the class, Caroline kindly queued while I went to collect Meme, by now most of the rings were packed away which I could make use of the ground around to warm her up put still watch the course.

I knew I wanted to push Meme round and boy did she work her little legs of, we WON taking over 2 seconds of the 2nd place. My little girl is now grade 5, as strange as it sounds it still feels better winning the two to move up.

Result summary:

Meme 2 x 1st, 3rd, 2x 4th and 5x BEST BSD in the class.

Cruz 1st, 4th and 6th 2x BEST BSD in the class

Felt a bit like a headless chicken at this show with working, running the dogs, looking after a very pregnant Wish and trying to keep Inca fit but quiet. All in all had a fab time and well done to all my friends who did well at the show. Back home at 10pm knackered.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spring news.

Firstly Happy 15th Birthday to Sunniday agility club, the two fabulous cakes were made by Phillipa and Lin. Lin and her team put on a club show, followed by club presentations for the 2010 season. I helped in the morning and got to run Kane, Meme and Cruz in the steeple chase in the afternoon. Kane came 1st and Meme 3rd not far off her dads time :-)

The sun was out, the day was just brilliant.

Human cake

Doggie cake.

I was reduced to tears when Lin called Inca's name for best grade 5-6 dog, his last rosette.... More tears with Wish winning the best small dog.

The following weekend it was my first camping KC show Spring @ Shuttleworth, hosted by the BSDA of GB, as a member of the BSDA Caroline and I arrived on Thursday to help with behind the scenes, not sure people realize how much work goes into these shows for their blast around a course with their pooches.

I was very tired Friday night, the show had 11 rings to be built, I was ring manger all day on Saturday, what really gets to me is the number of people who put their name down to help to get better camping and they never show their face at the ring. So pleased for friends who was not down to help, but put in the work just to keep the ring running, u know who u are THANKS.

My results for the weekend.

Kane won the combined 1-7 BSD agility class, 4th in the ABC 1-7 agility

Meme handled by Tanya King 2nd in the BSD 1-7 jumping

Cruz 2nd grade 4 jumping, 9th G4 agility, 10th ABC 1-7 Helter skelter and 11th ABC 1-7 agility.

Kane was also presented with best BSD runner up for 2010 show.

This picture is my little princess Wish on her new elephant bed, I hope to share some exciting news with you all soon :-)