Sunday, 30 November 2008

News from the other side of the world

Chloe from the first litter has really settled in her new life in New Zealand. Here is an update from them.

Hi Lisa, Chloe is fine and gorgeous as ever. She only spent 10 days in the UK with Sam's mum after we got across and has been with us since then. She loves it across here I think also and will do even more once new place is built as it's 930 sq m section. So, plenty of places to run about. We have a pet sitter come in every day for her and Foo, she thinks the world of her and cant believe how intelligent she is. She keeps telling us how quick Chloe has learned a trick, unfortunately usually we have already taught her. Chloe's happy though as she gets extra treats for it.
From Andy & Sam

Cash in action

Cash update.

Our first show went well 2 eliminations and one 5 faults. Felt sick on one elimination as it was a spectacular round he was way ahead of me so i could cut corners he was taking all his commands but then ran under a jump and carried on with the course - thank god. I was delighted he listened and didn't do his own thing coz he's very head strong on a course. Got 2 rounds on video but of course didn't get his best one. Another show next weekend will let you know.
Denise and Cash

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wonderful Wilf

As Kane is still recovering I was unable to run him in the 2nd BSD WC selection day, instead I ran the white dog which is the first reserve dog. Diane kindly gave me permission to run her Wilf WOW! he is awesome to run, speed, drive, enthusiasm, accuracy its all there, he only does what you ask him to, he gave me three fab runs. Thanks Di I really enjoyed running the little grey terv.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Friday, 21 November 2008

Dogs having fun

My version of a Xmas tree

I need the knights lovely Christmas tree.

Had a great walk today.

I met Grace, Alex with Kiah and Angela with her poodles Logan, Lex, Rio, Lulu, and her mums Della for a long walk. Grace brought her camera out and took loads of pictures 200+

The dogs had a fabulous time its great to see

them all running and playing together.
I now have a new desk top picture.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

C-side show

Inca was a little star, he got 4th in the 1-7 jumping. He was off his head in the agility ring, inside really seems to blow his mind. LOL

Cruz broke his wait in jumping resulting in a E and the agility, well it had a DW but he did go on it the 3rd time without me having to hold his collar...... maybe we are getting there again.

Wish had a fab time watching.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Two cool pictures my friend sent me.

Thanks Grace for these two pictures you got whilst on your weekend away in Belgium.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Good news at last.

Kane has got the all clear, NO cancer. I'm soooooooooo pleased.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Handful of E's

I went to North Downs show for the first time, nice show and venue. I had forgot how noisy indoor shows are. Why do people stand watching letting their dogs bark in the queue or just watching with their barking dog? :-(
I think the mistake's that I made were because my dogs could just not hear me, I was not close enough to help them with handling. Inca was doing a cracking run in 5-7 jumping I called him to turn but sadly he did not he went on to the wrong jump, I loved the course thanks Lisa.
When our 4-5 was moved to another ring it was put in first, this was great because the ring next to it was not running it was less noisy. Sadly with the weaves being un-pegged both my dogs got knotted up in them, strangely thou I train on un-pegged weaves all the time but these were the plastic shorter spaced type, I was pleased how they ran. I was back indoors by 1pm with no ribbons insight.

Cruz did freak at the DW again, I have worked really hard the last two weeks with him, playing ball, lots of treats, sending him up the DW at three different training venues with many different approaches, all this with no worries.

I thought we had it cracked again until the show, he avoided the jump before the dreaded DW as he must have clocked it already, he tries to leave the ring, the judge kindly said take him by the collar to put him over it, which I did as soon as his front paws are on the contact he runs over it?????????? Maybe this has helped as the last show I left the ring with him.

He happily does them in training with no problems, I have taken away the name and just say go go go like in training. I ran yesterday full of confidence that he was going to do it because he has done so well at training. I think he needs a shrink to clear his head. Seriously any suggestions welcome.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Kane is home

I collected him tonight he seems really with it, surprisingly more than I thought he would be. He has eaten his dinner with no probs, I have had to use a neck cradle to stop him getting to the wound as the buster collar was not working. We have been for our 5 minute lead walk, he is now sleeping in a giant cage to make sure he is not jumping on the sofa or going up and down the stairs.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Update on Kane

He had his operation yesterday to repair a Hernia and castrate him to hopefully reduce the size of his prostate. This time while they had him open they took a larger and deeper biopsy of the prostate as the vet is not convinced its not the big C. I now have another agonizing wait for the results to come back but at least the previous came back clear.
The vet rang in the afternoon to say that the op went very well but they are keeping him in at least overnight. :-(
I'm hoping I can bring him home today, yet another cage to put up for the next two weeks, but with Kane being seven he can cope a lot better than poor Meme.
I am concerned how to get him in and out of the van without having him jump as the wound site is just inside his hind leg, he does have the lower cage.
If you have any idea's for what to stuff Kong's I would love to know. I hope its not to noisy with fireworks this weekend as this will stress him out.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Wish has a fight with a big dog!

Immobilize victim strike high

let the victim drop to the floor. Proud as punch

Wish at work

Nice surprise today

This came by post today for Meme from her brother Cash. It is just beautiful and will take pride of place. When Meme looks more like herself I will take a picture of her with it. Thank you Cash & Denise x

Sunday, 2 November 2008

WAGs 3-7 com end Oct

I was going to post this last week after the Sunday, but with all what has been happening I did not get a chance.
I went to WAGs show the end of Oct, Meme did a fabulous clear round in her agility stopping on all her contacts beautifully. Cruz still has a hang up about the DW but did a really nice round in jumping and helter-skelter, he got the best G4 dog. Inca was a star he got 2nd in accumulator, 3rd in a agility and 4th in helter-skelter which was a real blast of a course, he got best G5 in all the above, this was he last G5 WAGs. The jumping he worked well but I wimped out on laying the weaves which put me the wrong side and I was unable to help him out for the next jump. He has found another gear. LOL