Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Wishing you all health & happiness for 2009

Wishing you all

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Good news and bad news this week

The bad news poor Chi has a bad cut on his stopper pad and had to go to the vets, hope he soon recovers. x

Good news

Wilf won grade 3 jumping last weekend and this weekend he won power and speed at the unaffiliated shows

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Monday, 22 December 2008

ABC final Olympia 2008

Dave & Rusty

1. Bonvivant Kallisto and Dave Leach GBR 0 penalties 34.21 sec (after runoff)
Here are the other results, well done all

2. AG CH Cories Ruby Tuesday AW Mark Douglas GBR 0 penalties 35.57 sec (after runoff)

3. Book of Shadows Sherie Vicary-Carter GBR 0 penalties 35.20 sec

4. Kiros of Final Fantasy Natalie Silcock GBR 0 penalties 39.26 sec

5. Up a Gum Tree Anna Braley GBR 5 penalties 37.07 sec

6. Heidron Chasing Stormy Sky AW Andy Brown GBR 5 penalties 37.51 sec

7. Lowerdon Partner in Crime Paula Triggs GBR 5 penalties 39.75 sec

8. Littleman Maximillan Ray Ellerton GBR 10 penalties 41.23 sec

9. Heidron Inkas Chasing Luck Diane Griffin GBR 10 penalties 42.01 sec

10. Ebontide Quebec at Louandi Louise Challis GBR eliminated

BSDs in bold

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Good luck at Olympia

Good luck to friends and fellow blogger's at Olympia.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Grace, Kiah and Alex

The poodle lady, aka Angela

This is Angela on one of our lovely walks with all the dogs. (not the best as taken on my phone)
5 Poodles
4 Tervs
1 Groen
1 Sheltie

Cash swimming or not!!! LOL

Denise did send me the video of him really swimming but sadly it won't upload on here?

Frosty walk with the wonderful Wish

She is just so photogenic Grace keeps clicking away.
She is looking more and more grown up, her coat is maturing lovely with a nice hairy tail to wag.

Cold and frosty walk

Kane is still mainly on his lead after his operation, you can see him standing on his back legs as his friends have arrived at the car park. He is going for a progress scan on the 23rd December, all going well I hope to get him back into training.




On Sunday I met Grace with Kiah and Angela, Francesca and the poodles for a lovely cold & frosty walk. It was just beautiful the dogs came home the same colour they went out, no paw washing on return. Grace again took some fab photos of the dogs.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Ian picture

Two years ago he was known as yellow boy.
Now known as Ian.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to the Lucky Litter

5th December

Zindelijk Lucky Wilf
Zindelijk Lucky Cash
Zindelijk Lucky Chi
Zindelijk Lucky Supa Jazz
Zindelijk Lucky Indian
Zindelijk Lucky Request
Zindelijk Lucky Dollar
Zindelijk Lucky Me

Loves & licks

Dad Kane & Mum Dollar, big bruv Cruz, Inca, Beth & Wish

Lisa & Neil


Up date on Chi.

Hi Lisa

Two years, it is hard to believe. Chi has given us so much pleasure. To have a dog so tuned into me is wonderful but sometimes I wish he was slightly less enthusiastic about agility and dancing with dogs. He has a demo on tuesday dancing the Gay Gordons with me, we are not ready!

The sleeping photo comes from the bedtime routine. David puts all the dogs outside, then when they come in Chi is first in line followed by Voe outside the bedroom door. They wait in line until the door is opened then file in to their sheepskin rugs and stay there until morning, This routine started by accident but Chi is very fond of his sheepy and always has his head on it.

Chi is very proud of the agility photo, it was taken at our new agility field adjacent to our house. Yes we have 24 hour a day everyday access but since we took it over the snow or ice has stopped us from using it but just wait until the spring and I am determined that Chi will listen to me and show his true potential because his speed and coverage of the ground is fantastic as are his touch points and weaves. Chi will be joining Cash at the Woodside show on sunday lets hope that Zindelijk has to be pronounced at the prize givings!

Cheers to Chi's doggy and first parents, woofs to all brothers and sisters.

Margaret & David