Thursday, 17 February 2011

Happy Birthday Cruz & Dollar

Happy 6th Birthday to Cruz and his litter mates Chloe, Lily, Thunder and Taya. on the 16th Feb

Happy 10th Birthday to mum Dollar on the 17th Feb. xx

Friday, 11 February 2011


My special little rescue boy. Hurrikane Inca

In September 2010 Inca was laying in his usual position on the sofa, up side down with his legs resting up the back of the sofa. My husband returned home from work, this is when it happened Inca spun himself over to face the right way screaming out in pain for a second. I checked him all over and thought he may have caught a toe on the back of the sofa, he had now returned to normal. Phew! I with drew him from the ABC semi final in case he was still not right as this happened on the Wednesday and the semi was that weekend.
About a month later this happened again after resting after a long walk. This time my vet was able to see him in pain. He gave him an injection with a dose rate of once a week for a month. He also had a Chirio check up/treatment.
I brought him a Back on Track coat, I used a warm wheat bag with lavender to sooth him.
Again he returned to normal. He has had the winter off from agility, no training, just being his mad self on walks.
Last week, the same thing happened after exercise which he has every day (not sure why it only happens sometimes) he stood in the middle of the room screaming in pain, my vet see him straight away, gave him pain relief, anti inflammatory, muscle relaxer. He soon calmed down, he rested comfortable in our bedroom for the night.
My vet referred him for an MRI scan, which he had on Thursday. The consultation the day before they was discussing possible tumour on the nerve endings which would result in Major surgery and possible amputation. I was so scared I felt sick in the waiting room, I would not leave the clinic I waited 5 hours for my little boy to come back to me.
The news is still not brilliant but better than they were saying.
He has been diagnosed with Spinal compression in his neck :-(

I'm in shock as he is only 7 years of age and has shown NO symptoms whilst at agility or before the sofa episode.
Although now retired, he has given 7 great years and has taught me so much in this game. He will continue to teach me things and he will be a very happy contented pet dog, he loves camping and going to new places.
I only hope I can keep him as pain free as possible without affecting his quality of life.
I pray I have another happy 7 years with you Inca. x

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Clear eye test :-)

So pleased Meme and Cruz have again tested eye clear :-)