Saturday, 31 May 2008

Today at UKA

Here's looking at you! cool Meme

Meme giving her mum and Dad a good run, so funny she just loves the water. Taken from my friends phone today at the show, yes we got wet to.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Training my waits! & playing with my new phone

L-R: Beth in the back row, Meme, Dollar, Kane, Cruz & Inca. Whilst out on a walk I tried my new phone out, kanes face makes me laugh (oh no not that game again)!! its a short video as I would normally praise them while waiting so well. They all got a treat for being good.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Cruz in action

Cruz at Supa dogs show (May 08) before the heavens opened.
Picture kindly taken by: Andrea Russ

Cash gets his paws wet!

Cash with his family May 2008

Packington graded jumping 3-4-5.

Think this was about right, it was fun to run.

Packington ABC qualifier 2008

Judge: Garry Woodham

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I'm a great Auntie (3 months early).

Meet Harry, born on 23rd May 2008 (due in August) weighing just 2lb 7oz. He is breathing for himself and doing really well, mum Kerrie is doing brilliant.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Week long Supa dog show canceled.

Let me start at the beginning, I arrived at the venue on Friday afternoon and joined my friends in a caravan that we had borrowed for the week, after the state of the ground last year I did not want to risk my trailer tent.
Saturday we competed in the glorious sunshine with very dry ground, sadly it rained all night. Sunday the rings were good but the walk way across the bridge to them was yuk!
Sunday night I came home to go to Packington show leaving my friends at Supa dogs, my phone never stopped with kind people ringing me to tell me what was happening at Supa dogs. The river burst its banks covering four rings and the surrounding camping areas. See the pictures that were taken by people still there. I am glad to say everybody was OK and evacuated safely. The agility community all helping each other.

Monday, 19 May 2008

My dogs day off

The morning was spent watching the dogs chewing their bones in the garden, I get great pleasure seeing them ripping into a bone while clasping it with their front paws using the 5th digit to hold it in place, seeing all them jaw and neck muscles getting exercised while chewing.
The afternoon I spent grooming all six dogs, trimming 108 nails, tiding 24 paws, one job I did not have to do was clean their teeth.
We finished the day with an early evening walk in the woods together, guess what they found the only puddle in the whole entire 200 acres. lol

L-R Kane, Beth, Meme & Inca in the back row
Beth my 11 year old GSD

Well done Grace and Kiah

Bonvivant Noisette in action on the course she won. Thank you Alan Score for the fab picture.

At BATs show on Saturday Grace Leach & her lovely mali Kiah won the com 1-2 Agility Club Starters Challenge, winning them into Grade 2 and the final July 2008.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Tala has been doing really well.

She won a large Stakes class at Stratford on Avon Open show, Best Puppy in Show at Sedgley and Gornal Limited Show and Puppy Group Three at Hereford Open Show. Here is a recent picture taken by Jan Ralf with her new camera. Thanks Chris for her update and well done.
Tumai her brother came 3rd at a show recently.

Cash has qualified for Crufts 2009

Thanks Denise for the update, 2nd in junior and 2nd in postgraduate at SKC.

Friday, 16 May 2008

GT UKA show

Meme has had a first taster of agility competitions:

Nursery agility

Beginners steeplechase

We went to GT UKA bank holiday weekend, I put her in nursery agility and beginners steeplechase as she is only just 17 months she can not yet enter KC shows. Her agility class was first in, this class has no weaves, no tyre and no see-saw which is great for bringing youngsters on, it helps to gain some ring experience. Bless her she worked fab doing perfect touch points 2 on 2 off, she was soooo far ahead of me out the tunnel I had to work the box from outside and at a distance, I was so impressed how she did it.... I became a spectator in my own round and forgot to move letting her back jump number 7, I collected her back for number 11 sent her on so I could do a cross behind she picked up the corner jump alone, she did brilliant.
Onto steeplechase, this class again has no tyre, flat tunnel or weaves, she did a perfect wait a the start line pick up speed into the tunnel, pushed back nicely to the next jump called her off the tunnel trap sent her round the corner into the tunnel, front crossed, then she noticed her friend best friend was watching so she lost a little concentration and speed but went CLEAR in 26. seconds I was really pleased with her, what a little star.
Cruz her brother got 2nd place in a time of 21.08, he has qualified the dog games final.
Inca was brilliant 1st novice jumping, 1st novice steeplechase, 4th novice agility
100% for his 3 runs.
Thanks to Lin Bergan of Sunniday Agility Club
and Leah at Anju club

Many congratulations to Belgium

On winning both team and individual BSD World Champion title 2008.
14th World Championship FMBB
8.-11. May 2008, Ljubljana - Slovenia
All results can be found at
judges were: Zlatko Gorjan, SLO ; Mirja Lapanja, SLO

Back from Ljubljana BSD WC 2008

GB squad 2008 GB camp. pictures taken by Michelle Griffiths

All the courses were set in an arena measuring (HUGE) 60 x 40 metres. It was lovely to watch this beautiful breed pick up great pace around these lovely spread out courses.

How stunning is this venue's views the woods are apparently shared by 500+ bears, just glad they are shy and there is a lake at the foot of the mountain.

Agility Final SCT 40 169 metres

Gill & Check Ed went round the back of number 12.

Jump Final

Gill and Check had a pole and finished 27th

Team jumping

Di & Inka clear 30.00
Louise & Delta clear 33.09
David & Rusty 10f 2x poles 30.51
Anne & Timber E number 13 tunnel wrong end.
combined result 13

Jumping round 2 sct 36, 143 metres.

Gill & Check a brilliant clear in 30.80 finished 19th
Sue & Gimli clear with time faults 36.08 finished 36th
David & Rusty really pulled together in this run but dropping pole 8 in a time of 29.66
Louise & Delta (5f 32.25) & Julie with Razzle (5f 30.92) sadly both had number 18 down.
Sian & Chico 5r missed weave entry
Di & Inka got E at 16 into the tunnel. Anne and Timber E at 12 into the tunnel

Agility round 2 SCT 45 180 metres

Gill with Check clear in 42. 39 finished 21st
Sue & Gimli clear with time faults 52.20 finished 36th
David & Rusty 5f dropped jump number 12 in a time of 39.52
Louise & Delta marked up on DW & SS time 46.65
Di & Inka poles 15 & 18 time 42.25
Anne & Timber + Julie with Razzle (E) wrong end of tunnel (number 7)
Sian & Chico with drawn

Team agility SCT 49 181 metres.

Diane and Inka putting in a great clear in the time of 41.55
Louise & Delta Ed he was convinced the weaves were after number 3 despite Louise's calls.
Anne & Timber 5r and 2 missed contacts AF + DW 42.53
David & Rusty got Ed after the see-saw went through the side of the long jump

Jumping round 1

Diane & Inka had a fab clear in the time of 31.27 finishing in 15th place.
Louise & Delta had a great clear in the time of 34.21 sadly not enough for top 10.
Gill & Check 5f a good run in the time of 33.81
Sue & Gimli had 5r for missed weave entry + time faults in the time of 42.?
Anne & Timber picking up 20f in a time of 34.47
David & Rusty were doing a blinding round till jump 13, David worst nightmare was about to happen after executing the perfect pull in he forgot where obstacle 14 was sadly with her speed and Davids position he steered her over number 16.
Julie & Razzle were doing a great round till Julie stood to collect her out of the tunnel number 9 and straighten her for number 10 when Razzle went over the wall again.
Sian & Chico jumped the wrong side of number 3.

Agility round 2. SCT 40 159 metres

Julie & Razzle did a brilliant round in 38.00 finishing 22nd
Sue a Gimli clear round but with time faults 43.80 finished 27th
Gill and Check 10 f on AF + SS contacts 37.48
Sian & Chico did a lovely run but sadly went thought the side of the tyre.
Anne & Timber were clear til after 16 then jumping the wrong side of the wall.
Diane & Inka Ed after he pulled out the weaves.
David & Rusty & Louise & Delta both lost the dogs into the tunnel trap after 15.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cruz has qualified for the Olympia ABC semi final

Vyne ABC KC Qualifier, course time 40 seconds.

statistics: 278 entries = 11 clear rounds, 11 clears with time faults, 33 with faults, the rest sadly Es........

This is the ABC course at Vyne, I had three dogs entered. Kane fell into the tunnel traps after the A frame, I was concerned by the approach taking into account the wet weather conditions. Inca was up next we was putting in a cracking run until he did not go to the bottom of the dog walk as I was layering jump 15 for a front cross, I had to push him to the end which left me behind to get jump 17, worried he would fly out the tunnel at speed over jump 10, as this is where the tunnel faced, I controlled him but then lost him through the side of the long jump. :-(

Cruz next, this course was set with a tighter course time to what we normally have here in the UK so babying him around was not an option. He ran his AF contact straight into the weave entry which was the only bit I was worried about with him, we finished up 7th in a time of 34.09 as 1st & 2nd place had already qualified this gave us the brown envelope for Tatton Park semis wahooo :-)

Congratulations Chi

Chi has been a clever boy. Two weeks ago he gained his Kennel Club Good Citizen bronze award and last night he passed his silver test.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Busy weekend

I have a really busy weekend planned, I have the Vyne show on Monday at Newbury showground (again)! as normal the weather is not looking good but hopefully will be, this show is my last attempt for the ABC semi's :-( always a very big class nearly 300 dogs, so many shows were canceled last year due to the wet conditions I have nothing into the semi (yet). I enjoy Tatton Park show so I will be there anyway hopefully taking part, if not supporting all my friends.
I am also busy packing for my grooms duty, I leave with the BSD GB squad very early on Tuesday to go to Ljubljana in Slovenia by coach for the 2008 World Championships. We are very lucky to be funded by the BSDA & WBSD, thank you to both clubs. The competitors also have a lovely lead with embroidery of their and their dogs name on it, kindly sponsored by Tuff Stuff, here is their link
I am really looking forward to this event from a different view. Last year was held in France I was lucky enough to be on the squad, believe me the nerves get hold of you when you are on the line representing your country. I have cut my nails short so I have nothing to chew whilst watching your rounds....
"I wish all the very best of luck to the following"
Dave & Rusty, Di & Inka, Louise & Delta, Anne & Timber, (team).
Gill & Check, Julie & Razzle, Sian & Chico, Sue & Gimli individuals.