Monday, 26 November 2012

Dollar the tigger of dogs :-)

Dollar took of over 2 seconds of the winning time in this class, but sadly had poles down. :-( love watching him work such a keenness to do. Tanya is doing lots of grids with him and trying to learn when not to speak lol, when they get it right it will be a winner for sure. xx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tenterden show

 Great to see brother Ian get to fab clears, one in my grade 3 course on the Saturday, with places see videos. 
Sunday I ran my own dogs, Wish got a 6th in com 5-7 jumping. Meme was doing a fab run in the 6-7 agility (see video below) but came out the end of the weaves? must train with timing gates as I don't know what else pulled her out? done weaves to nothing in training fine. 
 Below are my courses I set. Was pleased how they all ran and the dogs really enjoyed them, the dogs could really pick up speed and get away from the handlers, main probs was weave entry in 6-7 and not being able to leave them in them, a few poles were knocked, and a few dogs went for last jump rather than the tunnel number 18, sadly placed a few five fault rounds. Lots of positive feed back thou :-)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tanya and Dollar

Dollar's clear rounds are few and far between, but when they both get it right, WOW. this video is of them with a winning run at Quads paws show.  

Well done to you both very proud of you. xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Sian and Quest are really working well together, below is a video of them in a 6-7 jumping course. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wish has finished her grade 5 in style
Adams show was where Wish would have her last ever grade 5 competition. She came 1st in grade 5 jumping, 1st agility, 1st combined 3-5 agility and 2nd in jumping. Below is one of her winning runs. 

Cruz 1st grade 4 jumping, Meme was rested on Saturday Sally Medcalf physio has been treating her. I wanted her checked before we run,  Sally gave her the all clear, on Sunday  she did a fab run in Grade 6 agility 3rd.

It was very refreshing to be at a show that stayed dry all weekend in the daytime. :-) They had left the grass longer so the dogs did not slip.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to Dec 14th May. 

For his Birthday present I purchased this stunning collar from p-etiquette

He is an amazing puppy to train, very very quick to learn, he has started his agility training which he is enjoying. 
 L-R Brother Cooper, Token and Dec. Picture taken by G. Blackmore 

Monday, 30 April 2012

Picture by Alan Score

My little Wish has lived up to her name and has been a star, the last two shows she has won a grade 5 jumping class, 2nd in agility, this weekend at WBSDs show 1st place in agility going into grade 6.
Her confidence has grown and grown, must start working on our connection that we should have on our turns, but the invisible bungee seems to keep breaking lol!

Meme, Cruz and Kane have also been doing very well, Meme 3rd in BSD agility, Cruz 2nd in BSD jumping, Kane 4th in the same class.
Quest (Meme's) brother came 2nd in the ABC agility.
I have recently met up with Cruz's brother who takes part in agility training, wow he has come on a treat.
I love keeping in touch with them all. So very lucky to be able to have cuddles with some of them, Dollar, Quest and Wilf all have had a cuddle the last couple of weekends.  :-)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Coming out of winter hibernation lol

Bring on the show season.

This will be my first time towing in my new to me van, Merc Vito now with 8 cages, electric fan for the dogs. love it,



Getting ready for the show season to kick off, starting next weekend my first camping. The good old British weather has forecast snow for us (Hope they have it wrong), Have two full gas bottles at the ready for the heating in the caravan. I hope it goes ok. The dogs have had a great time off and have slowly starting coming back into training. The first show of the season was Mid-Downs as I have mainly Es pilot error's and 5 faults I won't go through them with you. On the upside they all ran brilliant, Cruz ran happy on the DW even after many dogs refused it.

Exciting running Meme in grade 6 courses and Wish in grade 5.

Over the winter I have met up with friends and walked all our dogs at some brilliant places. Here is a picture from one of our walks we meet at after training. ;-)

So nice to have lovely dogs that enjoy their walks together.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Premier judging appt

Saturday 7th January 2012 I was invited to judge at a unaffiliated show hosted by Premier. My classes were steeplechase combined grades 1-4 and 5-7 and a 1-7 pay on the day pairs, all three heights.

I love big courses watching the dogs gait out was great to see. On the 1-4 the main area that seemed to catch them out was 1-3, those that chose to do a recall and maybe was a little to far out took them to the wrong end of tunnel, or swinging their arm to soon dogs read it as a go round the back of two. Only one dog went 5 to no number tunnel 12. A few over calls at 11 caused a refusal at 12. Had way more than my 10% yay!

My 5-7 had a few more tricky area's the start caused huge problems for ones without a wait, either cutting the handlers up going in the tunnel or handlers flick arm and dogs took no7. Most run through 5 and FC and RC no7. No 9 was mainly FC with some doing RC at no11, a couple of large big jumping dogs bounced no14- no17, no16 most pivot turned, a couple picked up on a fc and rc no 17. Controlled the turn nicely but then seemed to loose a little drive home as 17 was so far away, let go to soon they sent them back in the tunnel.

Smalls and Mediums handlers cried for oxygen at the end, as did some of the large dog handlers in both courses, the dogs that had the natural attack for the course's were just amazing to watch over the spread out distances.

Pairs was great fun, Really enjoyed my day, great show, great venue. Thanks to all involved and a huge thanks to all that helped on my ring. Lisa

Sunday, 1 January 2012


to all my family and friends. xx