Saturday, 28 November 2009

Chi update, Thanks Margaret.

Zindelijk Lucky Chi
Hi Lisa,

We hope you are all well as we are. It seems like no time at all since we collected Chi but on the other hand he has certainly made an impression on us. He is a full on dog, full of life always willing to take part in anything that is happening but also a very easy to train and handle dog except at agility. He is a see it do it hound and he sees a course a little differently to me but my back problem this summer did not help. Thank goodness I am getting a bit better.

He has had a few nearly right courses, he now completes the weave with entries worthy of grade 7 and touch points to die for but his enthusiasm at the start is his downfall although perfect in training. We went to a fun show last weekend, he broke the first stay and the second but managed the third and won the fourth class with a superb round of agility.. He is always better at agility, too many jumps seems to excite him.

David is sending you a photo of Chi in action plus if you have time go onto . In the Gleniffer dog section Chi is on page 33 DSC 9451, 9452 and 9453.

The bond between us is so strong, he adapts his behaviour to my commands. He can be unsure of other dogs but a happy go speak and he
immediately relaxes makes initial contact and then turns to me for a treat, which I am only too willing to give. After that he plays really well.
He is the second dog in my life to make this bond, it is so special.

Chi and Dino are great pals, I am sure that Chi keeps Dino going. He will be 12 on Christmas day and loves to play with his young friend.

Fingers crossed I hope Chi will get himself together next year, everyone says great potential.

Have a great time over the festive season and good luck with your agility.


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