Saturday, 28 November 2009

Cash update

Hey lisa,
have to tell you this story....

My dog training classes are held in a church hall. Anyway Cash never liked the hall, he would only go into half the area and refused to go near the stage area or the bottom end of the hall to the extent that i gave up training him during the class as he wouldn't do anything at the other end of the hall. He would become frantic and panic to get away from it. Typical belgian carry on ...or so i thought.
In the summer we were moved into the main body of the church to train as the hall was being demolished to build a new one. Cash was happy about this no problem in the main church.
So the minister came in last week to say the build had been held up. The hall was on a burial ground - which they knew - but they discovered a skeleton while putting in the new foundations - you guessed it- where the stage area was. It has been assumed it was a pauper as the body was not in a coffin but had been put on top of the coffins already there , apparently this was commomplace a long time ago. How spooky is that???? Cash the body detector!! It's totally freaked everyone out as there was always the odd dog who didn't like that area (including my last belgian) and we used to joke there was a body under the stage but put it down to maybe rats or something.

Hope the weather is being better for you. It has been awful up here pouring with rain constantly, gale force winds. There has been loads of flooding but fortunately nothing like cumbria. The roof is leaking in our staff dog room at work so all the dogs are loose in the laundry area which they love but it's a nightmare trying to put a washing on with up to 10 dogs jumping about you!!!

Clever Cash passed his silver good citizen last week, didn't think he could be mature enough but he surprised me. We're going for gold in March!
Agility training is going ok, we have been practising baby stuff during mainstream training and it seems to be working. Have started to train my mum's pup since she's not going to run her. I thought she would be pathetic about it but she loves it. She is very fast, turns on a sixpence. Logan my big lurcher has finally retired from agility. I am gutted as he is only 4. But he has always had a lameness problem which we can't find a reason for despite x-rays and mri scans. He is going back to the pain clinic at Glasgow University next week so hopefully they can sort him. It's a real shame as he is a very gentle dog but when he is sore he doesn't want anyone near him, snaps at the other dogs . The agility has always been a bonus but i feel there is obviously something wrong and even though he loves it , it's not fair to ask him to do it.If i can get my happy dog back , i'll settle for that. Hate it when they can't tell you what's wrong and he's such a big softie.
Reckon you could cut cash's legs off and he'd still find a way to get round an agility course!!!lol

Anyway take care, hope everyone is fine

Denise and Cash
ps 4 weeks till santa comes - very exciting

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