Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Wilf gets a trophy.

He has only been competing about a month, Wilf came 2nd in grade 3 jumping at Derby show. What a little star he is. He also beat Fin the grade 5 groeny who lives with him in a combined 3-5 class.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Puzzle meets Lily (cruz's sister)

Caroline with her shadow's daughter, Puzzle

Lily showing Puzzle how to have fun in the sea.

Shadow, Blitz and Chase

Wet Puzzle

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Cruz's has found yet another gear.

Last weekend he came 2nd in grade 3 agility at Billingshurst, this weekend at Newlands he came 1st in another grade 3 jumping, 236 dogs in the class. We ran the course really smooth, very together, it was one of them runs that you know when you finished it felt good.

Picture taken by Alan Score.

Inca: Was really good getting 7th in G5 jumping and 8th in G5 agility.

Kane: did a fantastic clear in G6 agility which I was really pleased with, it was very tight in places, he was really listening.

Meme: I have been doing some work on her weaves this week, (at last). The course went jump, jump, turn left....... Meme went jump, jump, straight on jump and weaves Wahoo, she got them LOL. Just need to work on her doing the right course with myself. She did a really good agility round stopping on all her contacts beautifully, this time she was to busy to do 12 weaves, back to training.

She had another jumping run, I made a mistake by chatting to a friend in the queue she watched her go and sit on the grass eating her burger, when I put her on the start line she did have a glance over to her but i was not worried. We set off at great pace until the course took us into my friends direction..... she decided she would check if she needed any help finishing her burger, kissing her all over. She did come back but I brought her out the ring. Youngsters don't you just love em! you never know what they are going to do.

A big well done to Grace with Kiah in her first grade 2, winning the jumping and 3rd in another. This partnership is lovely to watch.

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Hugo another Kane x Dula puppy aged 9 months

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Foster dog Bella

I am guessing it is only natural to feel mixed emotions, sad she is going, but pleased for her.
She has been staying here for four weeks.
Bella has gone to her forever home today, to live with a family and four other dogs. I will miss her terribly :-( but for a change my head ruled my heart, her new home can give her alot more time, training and will also love her to bits.
I will get to see her alot at agility shows and look forward to one day seeing her compete.

See you soon sweet girl, not goodbye


Denise has said his show career is on hold till he matures some more now his in with the big boys, he has already qualified for Crufts 2009.
His agility training will now take preference.

Kane: Grade 6 jumping. (Bad handling alert)

Kane worked really well in this, sadly my bad handling let him down. :-(

Confessions for my very patient trainers:

I assumed he would take the jump coming towards me after the tube tunnel, I carried on moving to the finish without helping him at all, he did exactly what I asked him to do, (nothing).

Brilliant dog, shame about the pilot.

I did learn how to run him past jumps thou. Thanks David for the video.


These are pictures of Pat and Ray's Taz (Grizwold Javas) Kane x Dulas son.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Tala @ 6months

This is one of the daughters by Dula & Kane , pictures kindly taken by J. Ralph.

Tala chasing Sam

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Meet Harry my great nephew

So precious and tiny, I was really pleased to be allowed to have a cuddle now he is in an open cot.

This is the size of his nappies with my mobile on top to show you, this is the next size up to what he started with.
He is doing so well they have now removed his oxygen tube, he is still being tube fed. Today he weighed 4lb.


Lily is becoming something of a "Sea Dog" these days, helping to round up the crew for duty on the oyster beds. We have been building a series of barges to ferry tonnes of oysters ashore, so it's a good opportunity for Lils to practice her swimming and wave chasing duties which she takes very seriously. I get told off if I don't make the waves roll at just the right speed for chasing. Woe betide me if it's a calm day with no surf. Madam is not amused. I'm sure she thinks I have a magic switch somewhere! Of course there are also seagulls to be kept airborne, so she has a full working life. She is also quite good at hunting partridges on the farm. They never come to any harm, it's just the thrill of the chase. Lots of love Elaine and Lily

Saturday, 5 July 2008

No shows this weekend :-(

I finally had chance to do the garden, it's really quiet maintenance free, it has to be I find a house plant a commitment.
I swept the leaves up from a huge oak tree that is my neighbours, took some weeds out our shrub pots, jet washed the slabs and decking area, then a job that has needed doing for years was treat the kennel to a new coat of wood stain, it now looks good enough to put the dogs in, shame its used as a storage shed! our house is there kennel as my husband would say.
If I wasn't busy on Sunday I could have done the housework aswell, oh well its there for another day. Hehe
I am going to meet my great nephew Harry tomorrow, who is now in an open cot and is now weighing in at 3lb. Bless him.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Made me laugh!

I was going through some of my old videos on my PC and came across these two from last year, they are of Meme who is meeting my tortoises for the first time, she was so funny. Sadly the phone only did a short video she was going backwards and forwards getting nearer and nearer but then jumping back again. Wonder what was going through her mind? (these meat pie looking things move) LOL