Monday, 25 February 2008

Maybe useful for competitors travelling to Crufts

I got sent this link which I thought will be very useful. it is a free to use website which gives people travelling with their dogs a 30-45 minute walk within 5 miles of UK motorway exits. Also, information for safe off-road parking, dog friendly pub/café on the walk, maps, and full route and walk directions. The site has been put together by 2 keen walkers and a Border collie to make travelling more enjoyable for dogs and drivers.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

ABC KC Q 1-7 Newton Heath, Feb 08

This is the course as best as I can remember, 8 clear rounds from 92 dogs, it was won with a great run from Nigel Stains with Zico (G7) already qualified, 2nd was Julie Saunders and her BSD Razzel (G6), placed BSDs with 5 faults were Helen Flectcher with Eden (G4) and Inca with myself.
Apart from missed contacts problem areas were the weave entry, collapsible tunnel sending them into the course then into the wrong end of the tunnel, wrong end of tunnel no11, poles on pull in's, late calls letting the dogs take the wrong obstacles.
Still catching up on some much needed sleep after leaving my house at 2am! with nearly 10 hours driving round trip.
Looking forward to WBSDs and Vyne for the next attempt. LOL.

Friday, 22 February 2008

On our walk today

Taken in one of the meadows on our walk today, really pleased it stayed dry and the dogs came home the same colour they went out. Lovely to see so many dogs having a wonderful time, we had 5 Tervs, 2 Groens, 1 GSD, and 1 poodle next to my feet.

Went for a lovely walk in the woods today

I met up with Sorinda and her two boys Shay (the groen in the front) and Tumia next to him. We had a lovely walk in the woods and onto the meadows, just chatting while the dogs were running around and playing. Inca is trying desperately to carry this log LOL. Kane as you can see has gone on a mission way out in front.

Met up with Tumai today

I can't believe how much he has grown, Sorinda tells me he now weighs 17.5 kg WOW not bad for 5 months and 1 day. Love the way his ears touch.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Kane 30 weave challenge

This was the 30 weave challenge that was put on to raise funds for Many Tears Rescue centre. Kane got through to the final after breaking the weave pole base LOL, sorry Leah.

Meme with Dollar Jan 2007

Boo Meme

This is Meme when she was a young puppy, I took this from my phone hence the quality. But it really made me laugh she had just run underneath the long jump while running with her mum and this is what happened next.

Cash as a pup (video)

This is Cash as a puppy with one of his new house mates playing together.

Dogs at play

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Zindelijk Lucky Me

Meme puppy.

Zindelijk Cruz in Control

at Horley & District open show
17th February 2008

Cruz wins BOB at open show

I went to an Open Breed show today, Horley & District in Sussex, Cruz won the graduate class, then won the open class, then took Best of Breed. What a star he is.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Happy Birthday "Dollar" (today)

It seems like yesterday I went to collect my ball of fluff. Always such a princess, I'll see if I can get you another bling collar at Crufts :-)

Cruz age 3 (today)

Friday, 15 February 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday

To Cruz, Thunder, Taya, Chloe and Lily
Best wishes on your Birthday on the 16th February.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Nothing to do with dogs!

I have just found out that I am going to be a "great Auntie" in August 2008.

This is Kerrie's (my niece) & Ben's first child. Here is the baby's first ever picture.

Monday, 11 February 2008

FCI training

Had a great day training with Andy & Helen, thank you guys. I'm not sure my dogs appreciated getting up at 4am, I gave them a small breakfast and tried to let them in the garden as quiet as possible, LOL.
I was at Davids house by 5:45am packed the van and set off by 6am. We arrived to help set up an agility section and a jumping section which we worked on in groups of four then changed over to the other section, after lunch we all worked on some hard FCI courses using the whole arena.
I left finding out some of my weaknesses that I will work on and found some strengths in the partnerships with my dogs that I was very pleased with. It was well worth the 370 miles round trip.
I was also really excited to meet up with Quest, Wilf and Dollar pup. Meme had a fabulous time playing with her brothers again. We all slept really well after a very long day. :-)

Friday, 8 February 2008

Agility training

I went to agility training last night the club was quiet I got to work all three boys. We worked on box's and tighting up turns, I also practiced layering the contact equipement, I was very pleased with them all. Meme is training tomorrow she really makes me laugh, she gets so hyped while waiting her turn that she raggies her ball but sometimes misses and gets my fingers, it really hurts :-( .
I have just worked on the ends of contacts until last week she went all the way over a dog walk but was chased by a big black lab from another class, thankfuly she did'nt really notice and did a lovely touch at the end.

How they grow, just look at the difference


Meme (look what I've done)

This was Meme's bed after her first night out of her crate.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Hugo another Dula & Kane pup

This is Hugo (grey boy at the back) and his friend who he lives with from another litter.

Looking forward to FCI training on Sunday

Kane, Cruz and myself are going for a whole day to train with Andy and Helen Brown with the rest of the squad, we hope to get lots done.

Tarla, Dula & Kane pup

Showing off her showing skills.

Tumai at 15 weeks

What a handsome boy he is.

Kane has another wife & six more puppies

This is Dula KC name Bonvivant Destiny for Grizwold
This is Dula and Kane six puppies born on the 20th September 2007.
Four boys = two reds and two greys
Two girls = one grey and one red
The grey girl is staying with her mother and owner Christine, one of the red boys is called Tumai and he lives with a friend and her Groen.

FCI training afternoon

Kane and I would like to thank Nancy and Andy Hudson for the FCI training, it was great to run a huge course then break it down for training, then run it again at the end. I will definitely be looking at other routes to take on a course in the future.

Inca's 30 weave challenge video at Discover dogs

These are rescue dogs who have now been homed.

All five BSDs

Cruz, Dollar, Kane, Me and Inca in the front. This photo was kindly taken by my friend Grace.


Inca is like putting on a glove, he is very easy to run, we have a good partnership in the ring. He loves a good game of tuggy with his rope ball, they last about a week hehe........

Inca my rescued Groenendael

I always wanted a Groen before I met and fell in love with Dollar, I seemed to be hooked on Tervs. Then by accident I found out that this puppy Groen was in Woodgreen Animal shelter looking for a new home in May 2004. After meeting my dogs he came home with me, what a dog he has turned out to be, brains, beauty, sound temperament, great enthusiasm to work, quick learner, would make any breeder really proud. Last year in agility Inca won nearly 20 trophies, the first obedience show he entered he won the class, this was only my third time competing obedience, sadly he sings to much for the higher classes..... lol
Inca won into grade 5 the end of last year, he will be at Crufts in the rescue dog agility display.
He took part at the Discover dogs 30 weave challenge, he did them really fast.

Kane & Dollar

Kane and Dollar
the foundation for the Zindelijk Belgian Shepherd Dog

A bit about Kane and Dollar

Kane is the father of the pups, he currently works grade 6 agility he has a lovely temperament, huge personality, lots and lots of enthusiasm to work, he loves agility and is very fast. He made the selection last year for the BSD World Champs held in France, although we come home with nothing we learnt alot together and in my mind was as strong as the winners.

Dollar is the mother, she is a very pretty bitch a real princess, again with a lovely temperament, would run all day for a ball but sadly does not have the same drive for agility, although fully trained would much rather watch or play more ball games. She has been to Crufts in the breed ring a few times but typical bitch would blow her coat just before. LOL

Wilf loves to weave

Just look at the power in the drive through the weaves. I think the legs out the side are both his fronts hehe.
I Hope to have some more pictures of the pups and stories of what they have been upto soon, I'll let you know how there training is going.

Supa dogs May 2007

Some of the pups met again at the show, left to right: Jazzmine, Wilf & Di, Ian & Pam and Quest & Sian.

Meme the girlie pup who stayed with the family

This is Me pup the day I thought she would be staying, being carried in my sisters pj pocket, sooooooo cute.
This is Me with her big bruv Cruz

Dollar pup with his new owner Tanya

Dollar pup the day he went to live with his new owner Tanya, he will be living with his Auntie Ebby Kane's sister, and another BSD.
Dollar pup a year later, Tanya is waiting to start his agility training.

Ian with his new owners Adrian and Pam

This is the day Ian went to live with his new owners Adrian and Pam, he will be sharing a house with a collie and a collie x.
This is Ian August 2007, Pam and I met up at an agility show where the pups had a good game together. Ian will be learning agility when he is older.

Jazzmine with her new owner Grace

This is Jazzmine the day she went to live with her new owners Grace & Don.
This is Jazzmine a year later enjoying a spot of window shopping LOL

Chi with his new owners Margaret & David

This is Chi the day he went to live with his new owners.
This is Chi with some of his new friends he lives with. ( Not learnt how to sit still) lol
A year later Chi is showing me he has fab two foot on, two foot off contacts.

Cash with his new owner Denise

Cash helps his new owner out at her work place in the vets. He shares his life with two other doggie friends.
This is Cash a year later, Cash is learning agility and also shows off his good looks in the breed ring. I am looking forward to meeting them both agian at Crufts.

Quest with his new owner Sian

This is Quest with Sian his new owner, Quest lives with another BSD and a GSD.
This is Quest a year later, Sian reports he is very much like his dad in agility training, thinks he knows it all and does not need a driver lol.

Wilf and his new owner Diane

This is Wilf the day he went to his new home.
This is Wilf with some of his friends he lives with. Left to right Inka, Chase and Fin. Chase is Dollars half brother they have the same mother, Chase is the father to Inka and Fin.
This is Wilf a year later, Di reports he is doing brilliant in his agility training.

Puppy play time.

As I have laminate flooring I covered it with a new pond liner, great for cleaning puppy pee when they got into playing and missed the puppy trainer pads, also they have better control of their feet when running with each other much safer.

Feeding time

Puppies are eating raw mince, the bowl comes back like its been in the dishwasher. lol
Their ID collars are still seen on some but others their coats are growing fast. The pup I kept is in the bright pink a little girl.

Puppies meet new playmate Inca

Inca is brilliant with the pups he would spend as much time in with them as he could, playing, washing them, rolling around, so funny to watch. Dollar would let him she removed him for feeeding time.

Weight check

I did weekly weight checks, must be an easier way? I got there in the end.