Monday, 31 March 2008

Pictures of Cash, Zindelijk Lucky Cash

Cute puppy
Handsome lad, Denise has said his agility training is coming along very well, Cash thinks he does not need a handler thou! LOL

Dollar pup in the snow @ Shuttleworth

One of the shows last weekend that was cancelled due to bad weather was Ely at Shuttleworth, Tanya was there with her dogs and sent me this picture of Dollar pup in the snow.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Dogs in the snow

Easter Celebration agility show SE. UK

This weekend at Easter celebration, it was one of the shows that was lucky enough to have facilities available to move all the agility rings indoors, four all weather surface rings for the jumping classes outdoors. To think last year the Easter eggs were melting in the heat! well done to all and the judges who stood out in the snow. Thank you Alan Score for this picture.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wilf & Meme

Wilf's training video

Wilf & Di doing some training over the past few months. His first competetion will be at North Derbyshire in August, his mum Di will be wearing her Wilf fan club T.shirt designed by Gill "The little grey Tervueren" thanks for the video he looks great, brilliant weaves.

Monday, 17 March 2008

BSD World Champs final selection

We traveled to Hinkley to Steve Croxford's PACE agility venue on Sunday. Sadly with the 24 hours of rain we ended up running FCI in the small sand menage which made the courses very tight. I was very pleased and very pround with both my boys they worked really well.
Thank you to all involved.

Here are the four course's to scale as best as I can remember. We did the two jumping rounds first then the two agility rounds.

I wish the following the very best of luck and well done to you all.

In the team representing Great Britain and the individual competition are

Handler________ Pet Name__________ Dogs Name_______Type

David Leach, Rusty, Bonvivant Kalisto Malinois
Louise Challis, Delta, Ebontide Quebec at Louandi Groenendael
Diane Griffin, Inka, Heidron Inka's Chasing Luck Groenendael
Anne Challis, Timber, Louandi Creole Tervueren

Also in the individual competition are

Sue Cuddon, Gimli, Colzeta Isen for Ered Tervueren
Gill Raddings, Check, Minka Morgan Check Tervueren
Julie Saunders, Razzle, Minka Lexey QT Tervueren
Sian Harvey, Chico, Delark Chico Bonita Groenendael

Mid-Downs show

Unbelievably the sun was out, I had a lovely day with my boys they worked really well. Inca got 16th in 4-5 agility, Cruz 13th in 3-5 jumping and clear in g3 jumping.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Breed ring at Crufts 2008

The people who know me know how nervous I get in the breed ring, I do not know why but I do? so I gave the job to my friend Rachael she enjoys handling and really loves my youngster Meme, she handled her at LKA which qualified her for Crufts 2008. Meme was entered in yearling and Junior I am so proud to say that she got a 3rd and a 2nd. She was a little unsure of the judge at first he was wearing a Scottish Highland kilt.
This is only her third show, Crufts is very busy, very noisy, totally different atmosphere from other shows, I think she did brilliant.

Cruz bless him, even with my bad handling and a serious lack of coat he got VHC he coped brilliant with the day. Thank you Lindy for taking the pictures. Thank you Rach for doing a fab job with Meme, are you available on Sunday next year?

Inca at Crufts

The team representing Woodgreen Animal shelter
in the Rescue agility at Crufts.

Inca had a brilliant time at Crufts, this picture was taken in 2006 the ring was much smaller then than it is now. The main ring is large which is great he really picked up speed, the jumps are kept at medium height which made him go faster, he coped really well with the astro turf, I sprayed his feet with paw wax before he went in.

Friday, 7 March 2008

ABC results from Crufts today.

ABC agility was won by Nigel & his Kelpie Zico, ABC jumping was won by David & his Mali Rusty.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Wishing Good Luck to all at Crufts.

Especially to David Leach & his (G7) Malinois Bonvivant Kallisto (Rusty) making it into the Crufts singles final, I think this is the first time a BSD has made it into this final, there is only one other ABC in the class Nigel Staines with his Kelpie. The ABC event is also on Friday.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

C-side agility show

Today I went to C-side unaffiliated agility show (Sunday 2nd March) yesterdays training must have paid off.
Cruz was early to run in 1-3 jumping we did a fab clear in the time of 18.13 he went into the lead, but as the class had not long started I had a long time to wait. We ended up with 2nd place I am very pleased as the class had 174 dogs in it.
Cruz and I then had a run in 1-3 agility, again he ran brilliant with a clear in 26.15 earning him 4th place. I am sorry to say I let him down badly in 1-7 jumping by sending him sailing over the wrong jump instead of calling him to me, pilot error :-(............ it was my E, he was just Excellent. Onto his last class 1-7 agility we finished 10th out of 162 dogs in the class, I am very proud of him, he had lots of extra pieces of liver cake.
Inca only had two runs his first run was 1-7 jumping we went clear in a time of 20.28 earning him 9th place out of 169 dogs, he ran brilliant in his agility but sadly his natural stride pattern earned him 5 faults on the dog walk up contact, he did a lovely straight approach onto it. He worked brilliant I think he has found yet another faster running speed......LOL
Kane, all I wanted from him was his contacts and start line waits. He did me proud he went when he was released stopped on all his contacts till I said yes go, but then sadly pilot error struck again I ruined his run when I started to work a pull in before he was committed, which caused him to hesitate in front of the fence so I compensated by throwing my arm forward which sent him far to long I then could not collect him quick enough to stop him back jumping (sorry Kane).
We all had a really good day even the sun was out, we finished it with a nice walk over the fields before coming home. K9s all now sleeping.

My weekend with the dogs

Saturday was agility training, Meme was very good she did a low height dog walk with a great two foot on two foot off contact. We did a baby snake/Salome which she grasped really quickly, she also did a tyre on low height for the first time with no problems. I then worked Cruz and finally Inca they both worked really well to.