Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tenterden show

 Great to see brother Ian get to fab clears, one in my grade 3 course on the Saturday, with places see videos. 
Sunday I ran my own dogs, Wish got a 6th in com 5-7 jumping. Meme was doing a fab run in the 6-7 agility (see video below) but came out the end of the weaves? must train with timing gates as I don't know what else pulled her out? done weaves to nothing in training fine. 
 Below are my courses I set. Was pleased how they all ran and the dogs really enjoyed them, the dogs could really pick up speed and get away from the handlers, main probs was weave entry in 6-7 and not being able to leave them in them, a few poles were knocked, and a few dogs went for last jump rather than the tunnel number 18, sadly placed a few five fault rounds. Lots of positive feed back thou :-)