Sunday, 30 November 2008

News from the other side of the world

Chloe from the first litter has really settled in her new life in New Zealand. Here is an update from them.

Hi Lisa, Chloe is fine and gorgeous as ever. She only spent 10 days in the UK with Sam's mum after we got across and has been with us since then. She loves it across here I think also and will do even more once new place is built as it's 930 sq m section. So, plenty of places to run about. We have a pet sitter come in every day for her and Foo, she thinks the world of her and cant believe how intelligent she is. She keeps telling us how quick Chloe has learned a trick, unfortunately usually we have already taught her. Chloe's happy though as she gets extra treats for it.
From Andy & Sam

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