Sunday, 9 November 2008

Handful of E's

I went to North Downs show for the first time, nice show and venue. I had forgot how noisy indoor shows are. Why do people stand watching letting their dogs bark in the queue or just watching with their barking dog? :-(
I think the mistake's that I made were because my dogs could just not hear me, I was not close enough to help them with handling. Inca was doing a cracking run in 5-7 jumping I called him to turn but sadly he did not he went on to the wrong jump, I loved the course thanks Lisa.
When our 4-5 was moved to another ring it was put in first, this was great because the ring next to it was not running it was less noisy. Sadly with the weaves being un-pegged both my dogs got knotted up in them, strangely thou I train on un-pegged weaves all the time but these were the plastic shorter spaced type, I was pleased how they ran. I was back indoors by 1pm with no ribbons insight.

Cruz did freak at the DW again, I have worked really hard the last two weeks with him, playing ball, lots of treats, sending him up the DW at three different training venues with many different approaches, all this with no worries.

I thought we had it cracked again until the show, he avoided the jump before the dreaded DW as he must have clocked it already, he tries to leave the ring, the judge kindly said take him by the collar to put him over it, which I did as soon as his front paws are on the contact he runs over it?????????? Maybe this has helped as the last show I left the ring with him.

He happily does them in training with no problems, I have taken away the name and just say go go go like in training. I ran yesterday full of confidence that he was going to do it because he has done so well at training. I think he needs a shrink to clear his head. Seriously any suggestions welcome.

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