Thursday, 4 December 2008

Up date on Chi.

Hi Lisa

Two years, it is hard to believe. Chi has given us so much pleasure. To have a dog so tuned into me is wonderful but sometimes I wish he was slightly less enthusiastic about agility and dancing with dogs. He has a demo on tuesday dancing the Gay Gordons with me, we are not ready!

The sleeping photo comes from the bedtime routine. David puts all the dogs outside, then when they come in Chi is first in line followed by Voe outside the bedroom door. They wait in line until the door is opened then file in to their sheepskin rugs and stay there until morning, This routine started by accident but Chi is very fond of his sheepy and always has his head on it.

Chi is very proud of the agility photo, it was taken at our new agility field adjacent to our house. Yes we have 24 hour a day everyday access but since we took it over the snow or ice has stopped us from using it but just wait until the spring and I am determined that Chi will listen to me and show his true potential because his speed and coverage of the ground is fantastic as are his touch points and weaves. Chi will be joining Cash at the Woodside show on sunday lets hope that Zindelijk has to be pronounced at the prize givings!

Cheers to Chi's doggy and first parents, woofs to all brothers and sisters.

Margaret & David

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