Thursday, 6 November 2008

Update on Kane

He had his operation yesterday to repair a Hernia and castrate him to hopefully reduce the size of his prostate. This time while they had him open they took a larger and deeper biopsy of the prostate as the vet is not convinced its not the big C. I now have another agonizing wait for the results to come back but at least the previous came back clear.
The vet rang in the afternoon to say that the op went very well but they are keeping him in at least overnight. :-(
I'm hoping I can bring him home today, yet another cage to put up for the next two weeks, but with Kane being seven he can cope a lot better than poor Meme.
I am concerned how to get him in and out of the van without having him jump as the wound site is just inside his hind leg, he does have the lower cage.
If you have any idea's for what to stuff Kong's I would love to know. I hope its not to noisy with fireworks this weekend as this will stress him out.

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Lian said...

Hope everything goes well with Kane.

I normally buy some pate in the supermarket to stuff the kong but I will put some biscuit at the bottom and the fill it up with the pate.

Please give Kane some cuddles from us.