Wednesday, 10 September 2008

OMG! where has the summer gone.

Sorry all its been so long since I updated the blog page. I have soooo much news now but still not enough hours in the day to share it all. Here are the highlights

Wilf see pictured won a grade 3 jumping class and 2nd in grade 3 agility.

Fin his friend he lives with won into grade 6 by winning grade 5 agility and a jumping.
Quest has had a few clear rounds gaining him placed rosettes.

Had a fab DINAS, Inca got into the final Cruz just missing out by two. Meme got two clears.

Over the last month I have managed a trophy or two from all three dogs,

Kane 3rd in 1-7 power and speed, 2nd in ABC jumping,

Cruz 3rd in his first grade 4 agility

Inca winning grade 5 jumping

Oh I have a new edition to my four paws family, a beautiful blue sheltie puppy called Wish, if I can keep her still long enough to get a nice picture that's not blurred I'll post it on here.

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