Wednesday, 24 September 2008

30 weave challenge

I entered Kane in the 30 weave challenge as the proceeds go to Many Tears rescue.
He was in the final both days, Saturday he finished 4th. Sunday he finished 2nd, which I was really pleased with, he is a very fast dog normally but in this event the weave poles are plastic and they allow him to go even faster.
Sadly I could not celebrate or wait for his rosette as he had what could have been a very nasty accident. When he finished the course he went looking for his lead to raggy, when he could not find it he carried on running and picked up a aerosol spray paint can which as he did he punctured it with his tooth, the pressure covered his mouth with yellow marker paint but as he dropped it the can carried on spinning on the ground painting Kane very, very yellow, the smell was very strong! even outside.
He went to see the vet on-site who gave him anti- flame injection and she kindly rang her husband for more info from the net. I gave him charcoal biscuits with his dinner.
Thankfully he was none the worse for this.
Guess what removed the paint from his coat and face???????????

About an hours worth of elbow power from friends and plenty of baby wipes.
I was upset how this could happen, but glad Kane is ok.
I can laugh about it now but not at the time.

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