Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My PC blew up :-(

Its been so long since I have updated but with good reason. My PC did go bang with sparks out the back, mashed everything. Thanks to a great friend called Ian, who is a real PC whizz he has done a fab job building a new one for me.
I will now try to update you all with the news.
Ian pup now has a trophy for coming 2nd in steeple chase last weekend, well done Pam just the weaves to crack now.
Paws in the park results
Kane won ABC jumping and Inca got 2nd, Cruz 8th, Meme had just popped the last weave but got a lovely entry so I carried on.
Inca came 3rd in grade 5 agility (thanks Mand lovely course) even if you made us run a long way.
Cruz had many other top 10 places,
Meme did a fab run with all 12 weaves getting a clear round.

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