Monday, 18 August 2008

Update's on Chi,

Hi Lisa,
Just a note to keep in touch. Chi has suffered two cut paws at different times so he has not been competing as much as I wanted.
He charges around the woods and that was the cause of the first paw injury so down to the beach. The beach was the cause of the second paw injury! If only he would take life at a fast pace not supersonic!
When he does agility he is like a manic devil, totally out of control but every one says he has super promise for the future. In training he is better but quite a handful and very noisy.
Well this saturday we had a good run in grade 3 agility ending up with Chi coming 2nd, less than half a second behind the winner! His contacts are very good and I held him on the contact so the place was ours for the taking but I would like him to stay in grade 3 until he is paying some attention to me.
We love him dearly and at home he is so good but agility is definitely his thing along with dancing and obedience. He just wants to be with me and working.
Woofs from Chi
Margaret & David

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