Monday, 20 July 2009

Brilliant weekend

Wilf handled by Di Griffin had a very successful weekend not only did they get 2nd in grade 3 jumping he won his last ever grade 3 agility and then went onto WIN the KC ABC 1-7 qualifier.
Huge congratulations to you both from a very, very proud breeder.

What a lovely way to end a fab weekend, a few of us stayed on an extra day in a massive almost empty field, the dogs all had a mad play and run around together. Then while they were chilling out, we all had a mega big breakfast feast, outside in the glorious sunshine with blue sky, chatting and sipping Tea/coffee before packing up to go home.
I love camping when it like this. :-)

I went to the Empingham show for the first time, I have entered the show before but it was the year it got cancelled due to flooding. I met Caroline at the Dartford toll to convoy up to the venue. We were told not to go by the sat nav postcode as it took you to the wrong address, whoops!! guess what....... short term memory loss LOL , up this single unmade track we turned that seemed to be getting smaller, hehe (not funny when towing)!! I stopped and tried my first ever effort at reversing the thing into this narrow drive that had dry stone wall lining the way. Ermmmm not doing brilliant as now seemed to be jack knifing it..... thank fully a nice local chap was doing his beautiful garden and called across are you looking for the Rugby club, YES we replied, you don't need to turn around just stay on this track and do right, right and right and you can't miss it, we have a lot turn in here he said with a smile.
It took us a while to set up at the venue as we had to wait for the heavy rain and thunder storm to pass before we could erect the trailer tent, it was all done quickly when the sun was once again shinning.
Saturday the sun was shinning a few little light showers in the morning I seemed not to be able to go clear with my dogs, I blame it on a very painful swollen Achilles tendon which was worse after rubbing in the prescribed doctors cream, any way Meme was the first to break up my bad luck by putting in a fab clear and gaining a 5th in grade 3 agility, then Inca pulled out all the stops to finish a very credible 4th in 1-7 open jumping.

On Sunday I was pleased I meet up with Cruz's sister Taya Pauline is not far from this venue, its always nice to catch up with all the pups from Dollar and Kane.

Sunday my results were Cruz 4th in grade 4 agility, 6th in grade 4 jumping, Inca 9th in grade 6 agility, sadly none of my dogs qualified the ABC but all put in brilliant rounds, Cruz sadly miss timed his exit from the DW, Kane got marked his See-saw???, Inca got marked his up on the See-saw :-( and naughty Meme broke her wait so sadly so I put her between number 1 and 2 and ask her to wait again, which she did perfectly this time we then practiced held contacts while I ran past before allowing her to go, I was very pleased with how she did but ended up with 15 time faults LOL :-)

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