Friday, 16 May 2008

Back from Ljubljana BSD WC 2008

GB squad 2008 GB camp. pictures taken by Michelle Griffiths

All the courses were set in an arena measuring (HUGE) 60 x 40 metres. It was lovely to watch this beautiful breed pick up great pace around these lovely spread out courses.

How stunning is this venue's views the woods are apparently shared by 500+ bears, just glad they are shy and there is a lake at the foot of the mountain.

Agility Final SCT 40 169 metres

Gill & Check Ed went round the back of number 12.

Jump Final

Gill and Check had a pole and finished 27th

Team jumping

Di & Inka clear 30.00
Louise & Delta clear 33.09
David & Rusty 10f 2x poles 30.51
Anne & Timber E number 13 tunnel wrong end.
combined result 13

Jumping round 2 sct 36, 143 metres.

Gill & Check a brilliant clear in 30.80 finished 19th
Sue & Gimli clear with time faults 36.08 finished 36th
David & Rusty really pulled together in this run but dropping pole 8 in a time of 29.66
Louise & Delta (5f 32.25) & Julie with Razzle (5f 30.92) sadly both had number 18 down.
Sian & Chico 5r missed weave entry
Di & Inka got E at 16 into the tunnel. Anne and Timber E at 12 into the tunnel

Agility round 2 SCT 45 180 metres

Gill with Check clear in 42. 39 finished 21st
Sue & Gimli clear with time faults 52.20 finished 36th
David & Rusty 5f dropped jump number 12 in a time of 39.52
Louise & Delta marked up on DW & SS time 46.65
Di & Inka poles 15 & 18 time 42.25
Anne & Timber + Julie with Razzle (E) wrong end of tunnel (number 7)
Sian & Chico with drawn

Team agility SCT 49 181 metres.

Diane and Inka putting in a great clear in the time of 41.55
Louise & Delta Ed he was convinced the weaves were after number 3 despite Louise's calls.
Anne & Timber 5r and 2 missed contacts AF + DW 42.53
David & Rusty got Ed after the see-saw went through the side of the long jump

Jumping round 1

Diane & Inka had a fab clear in the time of 31.27 finishing in 15th place.
Louise & Delta had a great clear in the time of 34.21 sadly not enough for top 10.
Gill & Check 5f a good run in the time of 33.81
Sue & Gimli had 5r for missed weave entry + time faults in the time of 42.?
Anne & Timber picking up 20f in a time of 34.47
David & Rusty were doing a blinding round till jump 13, David worst nightmare was about to happen after executing the perfect pull in he forgot where obstacle 14 was sadly with her speed and Davids position he steered her over number 16.
Julie & Razzle were doing a great round till Julie stood to collect her out of the tunnel number 9 and straighten her for number 10 when Razzle went over the wall again.
Sian & Chico jumped the wrong side of number 3.

Agility round 2. SCT 40 159 metres

Julie & Razzle did a brilliant round in 38.00 finishing 22nd
Sue a Gimli clear round but with time faults 43.80 finished 27th
Gill and Check 10 f on AF + SS contacts 37.48
Sian & Chico did a lovely run but sadly went thought the side of the tyre.
Anne & Timber were clear til after 16 then jumping the wrong side of the wall.
Diane & Inka Ed after he pulled out the weaves.
David & Rusty & Louise & Delta both lost the dogs into the tunnel trap after 15.

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