Thursday, 7 February 2008

Inca my rescued Groenendael

I always wanted a Groen before I met and fell in love with Dollar, I seemed to be hooked on Tervs. Then by accident I found out that this puppy Groen was in Woodgreen Animal shelter looking for a new home in May 2004. After meeting my dogs he came home with me, what a dog he has turned out to be, brains, beauty, sound temperament, great enthusiasm to work, quick learner, would make any breeder really proud. Last year in agility Inca won nearly 20 trophies, the first obedience show he entered he won the class, this was only my third time competing obedience, sadly he sings to much for the higher classes..... lol
Inca won into grade 5 the end of last year, he will be at Crufts in the rescue dog agility display.
He took part at the Discover dogs 30 weave challenge, he did them really fast.

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