Monday, 11 February 2008

FCI training

Had a great day training with Andy & Helen, thank you guys. I'm not sure my dogs appreciated getting up at 4am, I gave them a small breakfast and tried to let them in the garden as quiet as possible, LOL.
I was at Davids house by 5:45am packed the van and set off by 6am. We arrived to help set up an agility section and a jumping section which we worked on in groups of four then changed over to the other section, after lunch we all worked on some hard FCI courses using the whole arena.
I left finding out some of my weaknesses that I will work on and found some strengths in the partnerships with my dogs that I was very pleased with. It was well worth the 370 miles round trip.
I was also really excited to meet up with Quest, Wilf and Dollar pup. Meme had a fabulous time playing with her brothers again. We all slept really well after a very long day. :-)

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Paula said...

Welcome to blogging, didn't realise you had one.
I thought I was the only mad one to drive 400 odd miles for a training day.