Sunday, 24 February 2008

ABC KC Q 1-7 Newton Heath, Feb 08

This is the course as best as I can remember, 8 clear rounds from 92 dogs, it was won with a great run from Nigel Stains with Zico (G7) already qualified, 2nd was Julie Saunders and her BSD Razzel (G6), placed BSDs with 5 faults were Helen Flectcher with Eden (G4) and Inca with myself.
Apart from missed contacts problem areas were the weave entry, collapsible tunnel sending them into the course then into the wrong end of the tunnel, wrong end of tunnel no11, poles on pull in's, late calls letting the dogs take the wrong obstacles.
Still catching up on some much needed sleep after leaving my house at 2am! with nearly 10 hours driving round trip.
Looking forward to WBSDs and Vyne for the next attempt. LOL.

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Paula said...

Blimey, 1-3 looks OK not sure about the rest though.