Monday, 2 April 2012

Coming out of winter hibernation lol

Bring on the show season.

This will be my first time towing in my new to me van, Merc Vito now with 8 cages, electric fan for the dogs. love it,



Getting ready for the show season to kick off, starting next weekend my first camping. The good old British weather has forecast snow for us (Hope they have it wrong), Have two full gas bottles at the ready for the heating in the caravan. I hope it goes ok. The dogs have had a great time off and have slowly starting coming back into training. The first show of the season was Mid-Downs as I have mainly Es pilot error's and 5 faults I won't go through them with you. On the upside they all ran brilliant, Cruz ran happy on the DW even after many dogs refused it.

Exciting running Meme in grade 6 courses and Wish in grade 5.

Over the winter I have met up with friends and walked all our dogs at some brilliant places. Here is a picture from one of our walks we meet at after training. ;-)

So nice to have lovely dogs that enjoy their walks together.

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