Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Premier judging appt

Saturday 7th January 2012 I was invited to judge at a unaffiliated show hosted by Premier. My classes were steeplechase combined grades 1-4 and 5-7 and a 1-7 pay on the day pairs, all three heights.

I love big courses watching the dogs gait out was great to see. On the 1-4 the main area that seemed to catch them out was 1-3, those that chose to do a recall and maybe was a little to far out took them to the wrong end of tunnel, or swinging their arm to soon dogs read it as a go round the back of two. Only one dog went 5 to no number tunnel 12. A few over calls at 11 caused a refusal at 12. Had way more than my 10% yay!

My 5-7 had a few more tricky area's the start caused huge problems for ones without a wait, either cutting the handlers up going in the tunnel or handlers flick arm and dogs took no7. Most run through 5 and FC and RC no7. No 9 was mainly FC with some doing RC at no11, a couple of large big jumping dogs bounced no14- no17, no16 most pivot turned, a couple picked up on a fc and rc no 17. Controlled the turn nicely but then seemed to loose a little drive home as 17 was so far away, let go to soon they sent them back in the tunnel.

Smalls and Mediums handlers cried for oxygen at the end, as did some of the large dog handlers in both courses, the dogs that had the natural attack for the course's were just amazing to watch over the spread out distances.

Pairs was great fun, Really enjoyed my day, great show, great venue. Thanks to all involved and a huge thanks to all that helped on my ring. Lisa

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