Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Karen's daughters are doing a fund raising walk.

This is the the link to the fund raising page.

Message from Lisa Jordan:

My darling sister has lost her 30 year battle at the young age of 46. Her daughters Kerrie (24) & Kayleigh (21) are doing a midnight walk to raise much needed funds for the hospice who took such great care of Karen.

If you'd like to support Kerrie Edwards it's really easy - just go to the fundraising page and click 'Donate now'. It's totally secure and you can leave a message with your donation too.

Thank you for reading.


Friday, 20 March 2009

Sleep tight my brave darling sister

Karen Edwards

11/12/62 - 19/03/09

A Tear
Upon my fingertip, today I caught a tear. I pondered all it's meaning, held with in its bounds. Sparkling with all the love, of many a past year. But listen very closely and hear the sorrowed sounds. My tears are those of missing you, A void that's never filled. From day to day I'm at a loss, not knowing what to do. My heart's a rocky soil, parched and untilled. My thoughts are often afar off, but mostly are of you. I caught a tear today upon my fingertip. I strained to see the memories you've left me. Your name and all you were and are, rest upon my lips. Someday again I know I'll see you, just you wait and see. I've got so many tears I know I'll never run out. Each one I catch I'll be thinking of you, for that there is no doubt, I love and miss you very much. xx

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fun @ the beach.

Grace and I went to the WAGs show, it was 1-2 com and 3-7 com all sizes. The great thing about this, is when it is the 1-2 to have a go we get to walk on the beach knowing we are not going to miss any of our runs. Here is Inca, Kiah, Wish, Kane, Meme and Cruz enjoying a good blast around, through the pools and flat out across the wet sand. Meme did not want the gulls to land she had great fun chasing them into the water.

We did really well at the show to, Inca 2nd in Helter-skelter and best G6 dog, Grace and Kiah 4th with best G3 dog and little Meme 6th, Cruz clear round. Jumping: Inca 2nd with best G6 and Kane 3rd. Agility: Meme 6th place.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Meme @ C-side show

Meme is running really well, I took her to C-side unaffiliated show where she gained one clear round and a lovely training agility round, I was doing ring party on the jumping ring so I booked a late, this is a very loud venue you can not hear the announcements inside and sadly the other ring party did not check for late runs. The judge was walking out the ring and I missed her class but was aloud to run NFC. My friend took these video's on her phone, sorry they cut off early. The first class she was clear the other was handler error I sent her back in the tunnel, I should have scooped the turn to send her down the line to finish.

We also went to WAGs grade 3-7 combined show on Sunday we got a 6th place in Helter-skelter and 6th place in agility.


I just love this picture, Wish has come with me to my sister's flat to visit and stay over, all the nurses have made a big fuss of her, they all know her name, she trots up to them to welcome them into the bedroom, she sometimes greets them with a fluffy slipper in her mouth. LOL


Quest was also on the training day I went to, he has competed with some very good results, he is another strong, fast and very powerful dog. Its not easy going from a dog you run in front of, to a dog you see running way a head of you. They are a great partnership in the making.

Dollar pup

I went to a recent training day and three of the pups I bred were working there, here are some photos of Dollar who share's his life with Tanya. After watching him train I hope she enters him soon in some agility competiton