Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fun @ the beach.

Grace and I went to the WAGs show, it was 1-2 com and 3-7 com all sizes. The great thing about this, is when it is the 1-2 to have a go we get to walk on the beach knowing we are not going to miss any of our runs. Here is Inca, Kiah, Wish, Kane, Meme and Cruz enjoying a good blast around, through the pools and flat out across the wet sand. Meme did not want the gulls to land she had great fun chasing them into the water.

We did really well at the show to, Inca 2nd in Helter-skelter and best G6 dog, Grace and Kiah 4th with best G3 dog and little Meme 6th, Cruz clear round. Jumping: Inca 2nd with best G6 and Kane 3rd. Agility: Meme 6th place.

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