Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sheltie training with Eleanor

Wish & Klaus and the little tri is Trouble with Sophie
Wish and her sister Lola

Today I was kindly invited to Pachesham agility club run by Eleanor Balchin, to take part in a puppy sheltie training day with Wishes relations, Heidi ran Klaus & Sophie ran Trouble (Wishes Brother's). Sadly Aaron with Lola the sister was not well enough to attend. Linda ran Rocky who is a half brother.

I am really pleased with how Wish is coming on, just have to sort out my timing with running a small dog for the first time. On the jumping sequence you can see me attempt to collect her then I assume I have got her, I look up and run onto the next bit, without working her over the fence, she did all what I asked of her so I carried on not wanting her to pick up on my handling error. The next time we did it, I paused collected her and clicked her for coming into my collecting hand, then sent over the jump into the tunnel. Clever girlie.

Wish channel weaving

Thank you for a great day.

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Lian said...

WOW! It looked like you guys have a lot of fun WITHOUT me!!!! Waaaaaaa!!!

Wish is looking very good!! Love the way she weaves with single striding! Do you think she thinks she is one of your Belgians?