Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Lovely walk with Angela and all the pooches

We met up and went for a 3 mile walk around Shoreham woods with the dogs. You park in a lovely wooded area, next to the rangers hut, we picked up the map leaflets from outside, you have a choice of 1-3-or 4 mile. We walked the dogs across the bridge over the A21/M25.
The walk starts of in a short wood which then opens up to meadow land, the dogs where running around mad with all the new scents, oh! and lots of free bunny beans. ewwwww!

You then come to this which takes you in to a large wooded area,

Then along the bottom of the valley.

Back into the woods, faced with the mother of all hills to climb with Large railway sleeper steps to go up.............
calf muscle abuse!!
we made it to the top, to only go back down the other side LOL, we ended up back in the first field which we then knew our way back.
Great walk, weather was lovely, amazinly we only met one other dog, :-)
Nice picnic areas dotted about, would be great in the warmer weather.

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