Thursday, 1 January 2009

Jacy, Dula and Kane pup.

Hi Christine, sorry we haven't sent any pictures previously but our computer has been down for along time. These photos are quite recent but i have some puppy photos which i will send in the post.Jacy[JAYCEE] is a lovely affectionate dog but he likes his own space,as he did when he was a puppy.He is a comical and very intelligent member of the family and we all love him to bits.Jacy is on his own for approx 1 hour daily but cannot be confined as he can open every door in the house save the bathroom thank god cos he just loves the toilet roll.He empties his food dish to let you know he doesn't like a particular food[or has gone off it]and drags his water bowl to you if his water has run out on a daily basis but he has lots of other little quirks too.,such as fetching his lead to go out for a walk. Carl & Angela

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