Thursday, 29 January 2009

I've been tagged!

I have read and understood the rules of being tagged......5th folder 5th picture!!! well its not going to happen LOL LOL. So here is a suitable selection for the world to see.
Many people don't know or have never seen my poor suffering hubby...... hehe
I have bravely uploaded some wedding pictures.
We had been together for 25 years before we decided to get married, (he took along time to toilet seat train) LOL
we have been to many of our friends weddings then christenings, they always ended up with people saying its your turn now. On our 25th year we bit the bullet with a very low key, relaxed, chilled out day with family and close friends followed by a great disco and and knees up at Neils local Golf club with more family and friends.
Loved every minute of the day, maybe in another 25 years who knows we may have our honeymoon. Before anybody mentions it, the only pitter patter of tiny feet in this house are the dogs nails on the laminate.............

I've done 5 pictures and that will have to do Leah!!!

Hubby and I

and no its not a dress!!!!!

Our chocolate wedding cake.

A selection of fav cakes and bread pudding... yum yum

more cakes hehe
all made by our neighbour Christine.

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Hudsondoglets said...

Great photos - but I really really want to know what was in the fifth photo of the fifth album ...... maybe not ;)

Lovely photos. We've got the same bird feeder but the naughty squirrel keeps breaking the nut feeder so I've got to buy one of those really expensive ones!

Wish is looking gorgeous!