Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Nightmare day :-(

Poor Meme was sick last night whilst I was at training I left her at home with hubby. I was not worried as I know she can eat her meal to fast sometimes. This morning she seemed very quiet, I went and had my shower but when I came out there were lots of fluid vomit on the carpets and poor Meme with saliva dripping from her mouth, shallow fast panting, whining in pain.
This was 8:10am I rushed her straight to my own vets in the hope a vet would be there, by luck as I got to the door my vet walk past inside and caught site of me, they don't open till 8:30am. She immediately examined Meme who was clearly in some degree of pain and discomfort. They sedated her and did an X Ray this showed clear of torsion but showed a dome shape? the vet suggested we endoscoped to see what was going on. She called me in and showed me a lump in the stomach wall OMG a tumour I held back the panic to find out what do we do now. The option she suggested was to open her up and take a biopsy. I had to leave my little girl there and ring at 2pm.

The time goes so slow. Thankfully I have a very good friend who I met with to take my other dogs for a long walk together. Whilst out walking I got a phone call from my vet, my heart missed a beat, she said good news there is no lump, its gone, very confused as to what we both see? she now thinks it could be a toxic poisoning of some sort, she has been on IV fluids all day with IV antibiotic I ask my vet if she can come home tonight and they agreed to let her home but to go back in the morning for more IV. I know she will be more settled here at home. More later I'm going to get my little girl.

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