Thursday, 30 October 2008

Meme update & Kane's results so far

I took Meme to the vets earlier this morning, she seems OK but they need to see that she can eat and keep food down, once again my little girl has been left there. They are putting her back on IV with more IV antibiotics. I can collect her later today if she has kept her lunch down.
Kane's results have finally came back, I did briefly put a bit on here about him but I was so terrified it would be cancer I could not write anymore so I deleted it. The good news is the biopsy taken from four areas of the mass are all clear of cancer, but the vet still wants to take another deeper aspiration when they open him up next week. He is having his hernia repaired and will now lose his man hood bits so no more puppies for him, hopefully this will help in reducing his prostate.

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Mand said...

Glad to hear the good news about Kane. Never rains but it pours huh. I'm sure little meme will be just fine too. Big hugs to both of them (especiall that disgused collie, Kane!)