Saturday, 5 July 2008

No shows this weekend :-(

I finally had chance to do the garden, it's really quiet maintenance free, it has to be I find a house plant a commitment.
I swept the leaves up from a huge oak tree that is my neighbours, took some weeds out our shrub pots, jet washed the slabs and decking area, then a job that has needed doing for years was treat the kennel to a new coat of wood stain, it now looks good enough to put the dogs in, shame its used as a storage shed! our house is there kennel as my husband would say.
If I wasn't busy on Sunday I could have done the housework aswell, oh well its there for another day. Hehe
I am going to meet my great nephew Harry tomorrow, who is now in an open cot and is now weighing in at 3lb. Bless him.

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