Sunday, 6 July 2008


Lily is becoming something of a "Sea Dog" these days, helping to round up the crew for duty on the oyster beds. We have been building a series of barges to ferry tonnes of oysters ashore, so it's a good opportunity for Lils to practice her swimming and wave chasing duties which she takes very seriously. I get told off if I don't make the waves roll at just the right speed for chasing. Woe betide me if it's a calm day with no surf. Madam is not amused. I'm sure she thinks I have a magic switch somewhere! Of course there are also seagulls to be kept airborne, so she has a full working life. She is also quite good at hunting partridges on the farm. They never come to any harm, it's just the thrill of the chase. Lots of love Elaine and Lily

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