Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My courses Stour Valley Sept 2011

I really enjoyed my judging, I always get so nervous about putting courses together, I like to see them flow but test the partnership of handler and dog, without all the twisting up their own backside! Maybe because I run big Belgians. I did not want to keep rebuilding course's, as you can see nothing moved apart from the numbers, until the trio team I moved a few things including the timing gate and took out the weaves as it was a fun class for all.
My large 5-7 One competitor chose to jump the tunnel number 5, and another went through the weaves but was already eliminated!
Some stunning handling was great to watch. The dogs seem to love the fast and open course.

1st Laura Chudleigh

1st Wendy Fassam

Sorry name escapes me,

1st Med Toni Dawkins

Small sorry escaped me again :-(

1st Sue Culmers team with 3x clears.

2nd Alan Lewell team with 3 x clears

Black number went first, then the large dog, then the last black number dog.

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