Friday, 27 May 2011

Eastbourne DTC

It was very strange going to Eastbourne with all my dogs, but only competing with Cruz. Meme had won into Grade 5 and missed this 1-4 show by two days. Cruz worked brilliantly, only a pole in his jumping and a see saw 5 in his agility. He went clear in this truly fun helter-skelter and ended up 4th out of 298 dogs. My husband pointed out I'm only running around in a circle! but this course was clever and did get many handlers E's. The first circle was inside the second was outside, the third was a half circle, great fun to run. I also ran a friends collie in this class who was doing stunning run until my shorts decided they would look better down at my knees, not pleasant for people lol! in between queuing the dog and holding my dignity I lost her on the last pull off over an off course jump, totally my shorts fault, hehe but dignity kept.

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