Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lovely walk in Lullingstone park

Caroline rang me in the morning to see if we could meet for a walk with the dogs, I have never been to Lullingstone before but Caroline has a while back. On the way up Caroline collected her daughters four collies, our walk would have 6 collies, 7 Belgians and a noisy sheltie. I was late as I drove past the venue thinking it was a building site until I see Caroline at the entrance. You pay to park in the car park £1.20 I think. We put our dogs on leads for the first narrow path which then opened out onto a huge field, they could all let of steam GREAT :-) we walk up through the field into the woods, they all found this soooo exciting, you then go over one of the golf clubs fairways.
Caroline is in the distance putting the waste into the bin provided, all her dogs were in a down stay to respect the golfers that were playing on the green, then all of a sudden they broke lol I bet they needed the dog bin after this lot ran towards them lol. They were not upset as they could see they were very well controlled really! honest! hehe
The final part of our walk drops down through more woods and fields, with the Castle in the distance. We arrived back to the vans, gave the dogs a drink and left them to settle while we went into the visitors centre for Jacket potato lunch and a pot of tea. Loved it, great walk, great company, really good day :-)

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