Friday, 22 October 2010

October 2010

Caroline, Sue and I headed off to Norfolk very early hours Saturday morning. This show has the first ABC qualifier for 2011, well done Grace and Kiah for winning. Inca sadly had a pole time would have been good enough :-(. Sue with her two Belgian Tervs, Jag and Jinx both did fab runs to finish up 6th & 7th. Then Jinx went onto win grade 4 jumping. :-)

Meme sadly has gone very hormonal again, but now has thankfully had her season she is on Agnus Castus, Raspberry leaf and Evening Primrose, I want my mad girlie back. I'll help her any way I can, I also brought her a Back on Track coat which she seems to like. Bitches!
Talking of Bitches little Wish has lost her weaving ability? not sure why, her entries are spot on but then she seems to lose her rhythm and pops out or will miss a pole, I have seen indoors huge holes either side of the weaves and wondered if this may not be helping. More training needed back to basics for a while.
Cruz has become very consistent again getting many top places, really pleased with how he is performing.
Saturday night we had booked a lovely Bunk house to stay, which was only about 20 minutes from the venue. What was really great is that it was very close to a closed air field which is where we walked the dogs that evening and Sunday morning before breakfast. Back to the show on Sunday the weather was very kind to us right up till just after lunch when it started to rain and get very windy, Cruz and Meme got a few more place's.

Big breakfast

The Air field walk went for miles, not a house in site :-)

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