Thursday, 9 September 2010

ABC Semi 2010

at the semi final doing a lovely clear, it was wrong end of the tunnel after a straight line, just took to much power off to get the correct end costing him the all important time.
found the DW contact to hot to touch!
I was chuffed to have two in the semi's Inca and Cruz. On the Thursday before Inca was lying in his usual position sleeping upside down on the sofa, when he then rolled over to his side and screamed out? I thought he caught a leg in the back, but no, when he got off he seemed to be favouring his neck, I have a very good chiro who kindly offered to see him straight away and again on Friday morning, he is now wearing a magnetic collar and a Back on Track coat. I was gutted to pull him out, these things happen. I would never run any of my dogs knowingly unfit. He does seem alot better, I have a brilliant healer friend working on him and when he lays still I do my Reiki on him which he loves. I just want him back fit and happy :-)
Well done to all who got through, good luck.
Thanks Alan Score for the pictures.

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