Tuesday, 25 August 2009


The week before the show the all were rested as they all went to see my chiropractor for a check up/treatment, http://www.k30.co.uk/yourchiropractor/aboutme.htm thank you Susan for looking after my pooches so well.
We had a brilliant week at DINAS, all my dogs ran fantastic a few little error's in some classes (my fault).
Here are our results:

Inca: 6th in 6-7 pairs with Amanda and Twix, 1st ABC1-7 jumping
Kane: 2nd ABC 1-7 agility
Cruz: 3rd ABC 1-7 jumping, 8th ABC 1-7 jumping, qualified the final on Sunday. Sadly I let him down, because I had Meme in before him David held him to one side to warm him up while I ran, only two dogs between when I finished they were calling for me again, out of breath and now leading a very upset Cruz entered the ring he was not settled, he started brilliant he did miss his down contact on the DW, it was a tube tunnel to a weave entry then unto a Aframe, for some reason I said to him go weave, I only say weave! he heard the go and accelerated to the Aframe I laughed and carried on with him. LOL
Meme: 8th grade 3 jumping, 11th grade 3 jumping, 9th 1-7 ABC agility, 6th 1-7 ABC jumping,
a really good run in grade 3 agility sadly she landed on her nose from the see-saw and finished in 2nd place.

Meme qualified the ABC 1-7 final on Sunday, this is her first final so I was a little un sure how she would cope with all the people around the rings, bless her she ran like a dream didn't seem to run any different, making the winners presentation in 3rd place.

1st Gill Raddings and Check (Terv)
2nd Martine Wates and Shay (Groen)
3rd Lisa Jordan and Meme (Terv)

This class has been won by Belgian's since it was first introduced at this show.

Thank you Burns.

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