Sunday, 6 April 2008

My weekend (540 miles)

My friend David & Rusty's first agility championship class on 5th April held at Scunthorpe. The day started off when Grace, Kiah, David, Rusty and Tia arrived here at my house at 2:45 am to set off to the show, 7 BSDs were settled into one van, van sharing is not only great for the company but it helps a great deal with the increasing cost of fuel . The dogs slept soundly whilst we chatted our long journey away, dark night skies became light as we were nearing our destination, we arrived at 7:30am, walked the dogs then walk all our courses. Dave and Rusty sadly had a pole in champ jumping and a missed weave entry in champ agility, the class was won by David Munnings with AG CH Gunrun Mistree. David & Rusty won the Crufts singles qualifier and 3rd in G7 agility.
My three all worked really well coming away with a few places. After the show we took David & Rusty to a local train station as there were going back home, Grace and I were off to The BSDA Breed and obedience show the next day in Leicester, staying in Lincoln for the night with Jan Ralph at the Bonvivant kennels, thanks Jan for another fabulous hot dinner, very yummy and much appreciated after a very cold long day. We watched TV and chatted whist the open fire crackled to red embers, we retired to bed finally about half past midnight, alarms were set to go off at 6am :-(
Whoops! overslept 6:30 am get up, take the dogs out for a quick walk, give them breakfast and set off for the Breed show by 7:15am (not bad). Traveling inland we went through villages that had been turned white by the snow, thinking we were lucky not to had any at Jan's.
We arrived at the show by 8:45 am and guess what? a few inches of snow covered the car park and surrounding fields........(photos to follow).
The downside of this was the obedience was held outside :-( the organisers brushed the snow aside for a few pathways till the grass could be seen for the rounds, we did have snow again it was like being in one of them snow globes LOL Yes it did start to thaw and get very slippery as I found out on an executing one about turn hehe.......
Results for Breed: Cruz won post grad, I withdrew Meme due to blowing her coat on Thursday (that was like another snow storm).
Obedience: Kane got 2nd in Beg and 5th in novice . Inca got 4th in beg and 4th in novice. We set of for the rest of our journey home coming through many snow storms, the motorways were slow in places, we arrived here at 7:15pm poor Grace had another 50 minutes to go, I'll let her tell you her results on her blog page.

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